Improve your indoor air quality with Ionizex Purification we use the most advance technology to completely purify your air and mitigate the spread of viruses and bacteria

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Ionizex Purification Bi-Polar Ionization HVAC Systems:

Our devices can be installed into your HVAC systems to provide complete in-home air purification. When air passes through our bi-polar ionization tubes the air molecules are charged with positive and negative charged ions. The air molecules, which are charged with ions, is attracted to pathogens, mold, bacteria, and odors and safely renders them inactive.

Reduces dust particles/haze

Dust particles and pollen in the air are combined through ionic bonds, and these charged particles quickly condense, increasing their size and being easily removed by the filter, reducing bacteria in the respiratory zone.

Neutralizes odors/deodorizes

The odorous gas will be combined and oxidized by the active ions, and the odor and other polluted air will be quickly neutralized and decomposed by the positive and negative ions and finally eliminated.


In the balanced positive and negative ion air, a certain amount of energy is generated when the electron pulses discharge. When the electron collides with viruses and bacteria, the energy transferred is the same or similar to the bond energy of the chemical bonds, and these bonds will be broken. Viruses and bacteria can't breed anymore.

In addition to HCHO/TVOC/Benzene

Carpets, building materials, furniture, paints, solvents or pesticides contain various volatile organic compounds. When ions collide with these volatile organic compounds and attack and break these bonds, they will stimulate their atoms and molecular radicals to act. The effect of activation or direct degradation together promotes the degradation of TVOC and produces CO2 and H2O.

Proven to Neutralize Coronavirus by Up To 99.9%

Breaks down the cellular structure of known viruses, such as Human Coronavirus 229E.

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Breaks down the cellular structure of known viruses, such as Human Coronavirus 229E.

The solution infuses the air with ions, which bind with harmful elements and minimize them, improving air quality.

Ionizex Bi-Polar Ionization is effective and long-lasting. Ionizex ions last longer in the atmosphere and the tubes only need to be changed every two years.


Reduction in human coronavirus


Reduction in MS2 virus


Reduction in ultrafine particles


Reduction in volatile organic compounds

*Ionizex uses multiple data points to formulate performance validation statements. We encourage clients to evaluate their individual application and environmental conditions when making an assessment regarding the technology’s potential benefits.


Our devices use a superior technology which is called Bi-Polar Ionization. When air passes through our bi-polar ionization tubes the air molecules are charged with positive and negative charged ions. Then, the air, which is charged with the ions, is attracted to pathogens, mold, bacteria, and odors. This process causes a breakdown in each of their structures which then safely renders them inactive!

Ionizex is a professional manufacturer of air purification devices. Our air purification products are widely used for PM2.5 removal, pollen and dust removal, cigarette smoke removal, bacterial removal, and formaldehyde and benzene removal.

Ionizex Purification’s devices range from a variety of different applications, including HVAC addons and portable devices. We also provide variety of portable devices which are suitable for any office, home, or building. This device uses the same technology as our HVAC systems. However, its portable feature enables it to be used in Apartments, Condos, Dorms, Hotels and Rooms without any physical installation.

Plasma Ions - Make indoor air as fresh as nature's!

As air passes through the ionization tubes, millions of negatively and positively charged ions are generated – just like nature. Massive ions disperse into the air or the occupied space through the duct, proactively destroying airborne contaminants where damage heath of occupants. In terms of eliminating airborne pollutants (e.g. Virus and bacteria, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), odors, and particulate matter), plasma air purification is characterized by safety, low maintenance, simple installation, and high efficiency.

Plasma air purifiers cuold be mounted in the center of an air condition system or wall mounted on the wall in an environment where the air is apt to be polluted.

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